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The winner of this month’s One Scene, One Page, Three Keyword competition is Kim Parker, a glamorous globe trotter and denizen of Paris!

Kim is the lucky winner of a $25 gift certificate to the online shop of her choice, plus a free 15 minute Skype session with moi!

I am adding a fun new twist and that is that each month’s winner also gets to choose the three keywords for next month’s competition! As I wait for Kim to conjure up some good ‘uns, feel free to submit your suggestions HERE. Remember, disparate nouns seem to be the ticket for evoking good, creative context.

Why did Kim’s script win? Because of her clever incorporation of the keywords into a scene that also had a set up, complication and ending. And because I am the judge and I liked it best. As we go along here, doing this very odd little writing exercise known only here on Just Effing, I am hoping to really get you writers to be motivated not by winning twenty five bucks – although who doesn’t want free stuff? – but rather by the opportunity to get away from what you are writing – and still be writing.

Further, as we put up the winning scripts each month, I want you to look at what the winner did and look back at your own entry and look for ways you might have done something similarly clever. Not as a way of feeling bad or inadequate – goodness no – but as a way of getting inspired and seeing what the possibilities are in your writing – even in a silly little writing exercise.

Go now, go to the pages you are REALLY working on for next year’s competition season, for yourself, for whatever reason – and be inspired by the possibilities. 26 letters. One page. What can you do today to make a page of your script even more clever and entertaining?

Stay tuned for next month’s One Scene, One Page Keyword Competition – keywords, deadlines, to be posted ASAP.

Read Kim’s winning script, Pearl Fishing.

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