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Happy New Year, Everybody!

Phew. So did everybody make it through the holidays? I went back to the US for the first time in nine months and had a whirlwind visit with family, colleagues and friends. I was so inspired by hanging out with my writer friends and learning of their various successes and ambitions for the New Year! Back home again and gingerly getting back into the saddle, as I deal with a healthy case of jet lag!

I received an email with a link to a super short video about the economic impact of LOTR and I was blown away. Can you imagine something you’ve written having such a huge impact economically and culturally? I think we’d all like an hour with JK Rowling on the same topic! Is it possible you are writing something that will be that big? Why not? Dream big!

Why not make 2013 the year you write something that leaves a lasting impression on audiences? Why not make 2013 the year you really buckle down and put your writing on the front burner? It could happen to YOU.

Oh and don’t forget, the 2013 Just Effing Entertain Me Screenwriting Competition opens its doors in February! Last year’s winner just got repped at ICM. That could happen to you too :)

Meanwhile, check out this video and be inspired, very inspired!

(The site where I found this, Online MBA, has lots of other cool videos, btw, click HERE for more)

Episode 17 – The Economic Impact of Lord of the Rings from Minute MBA by on Vimeo.

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