One Scene, One Page, Three Keyword Competition for January

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The One Scene, One Page Keyword Competition for January, 2013 features the keywords:

Raincoat, Spruce, Vapor

General Guidelines
Write a (strictly enforced) ONE page scene, using the three keywords, entertainingly and in context.

Title your submission (hint: clever titles are appreciated).

All genres are welcome.

Do not include your personal details on your PDF submission.

Cleverness Guidelines
Make the keywords count – make them pivotal and entertaining to the story, in other words. Of course it is weird and hard to combine three such disparate words. That is the point!

-Don’t simply list the words, as if you taking an inventory.
-Do try to tie the words together in a clever way.
-Do know that you are up against some very talented entrants – so raise the bar!

Remember – this is Just Effing Entertain Me – the cleverest, most entertaining writer will win. It’s that simple.

Have a look at what is in my opinion, the best One Scene, One Page, Three Keyword winner ever – written by our own Jared Kelly. The keywords were: Plum, Sweater, Volcano.

January 27th, 11:59PM, PST. The winner will be announced on January 31st, 2013.

The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to Amazon and be in charge of picking the next three keywords!

Last Month’s Winner was LONG time Just Effing reader Desiree Nordlund of Sweden, with her inventive and evocative CranberryBeauty (keywords: Cranberry, Avalanche, Angel). Desiree had this to say when she won: Wow!!

How to Submit
Simply click on the Paypal button below to submit the $5.00 entry fee then email your entry, as a PDF, with ONE SCENE in the subject line.. It’s that simple.

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