Hollywood Calendar For Writers: 2013

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Here is a list of events and festivals that I think you should be aware of in 2013. Click through on the links and calendar those things you don’t want to miss. If you have an event or deadline you think warrants inclusion, give me a shout.

Events with “Gravy” as the priority mean just that. If you have the time, extra funds and desire to go to that event – go. But if you are on a budget and have to choose very selectively, these particular events are, well, gravy. Awesome but not the meat on your plate. Events with “HIGH” priority ratings mean just that – if you can go, enter or participate – you SHOULD. I do not say this lightly because I more than understand time and budget constraints.


Jan 2nd – Feb 28th: Nickelodeon Writing Program
A newer but very cool writing program you should mos DEF check out.
PRIORITY: HIGH – if you meet the qualifications. Read the fine print.
Click HERE for details.

Academy Nicholl Fellowships
The creme de la creme of screenwriting competitions. A win can equal a career.
Click HERE for more information

17th – 27th: Sundance Film Festival
The hippest of film festivals, Sundance is a great place to see and be seen.
Click HERE for ticket information.


23rd: The Independent Spirit Awards Broadcast
A very fun, hip version of the Academy Awards but way more fun and hip (did I already say that?).
Click HERE for details.

24th: Televised Academy Awards
PRIORITY: HIGH. I mean, come on, just turn on the TV and revel in the glamour!


8th – 17: South by Southwest Festival
A very hip event that has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, SXSW has a great reputation for being a very fun event.
Click HERE for details.

TBA: Disney/ABC Writing Fellowship
PRIORITY: HIGH – if you meet the qualifications. Read the fine print.
Click HERE for more information, although this site has not yet been particularly updated for 2013. No matter, this program is for REALZ.

Also check out the NBC/Universal Writer’s on the Verge program.
They too have not yet updated their site but when they do, you’ll want to find out more.
PRIORITY: HIGH – if you meet the – yeah, yeah -qualifications. Read the fine print.


5th-7th: Screenwriter’s World Conference EAST
PRIORITY: New Event. No stats available. SWC WEST is listed, below.
Click HERE for more information.

17-28th: Tribeca Film Festival
Click HERE for more information and tickets.


1st: Warner Bros. Television Writer’s Workshop
PRIORITY: HIGH – if you qualify and if TV is your thing.
Click HERE for more information.

15th – 26th: Cannes Film Festival
PRIORITY: Gravy – but what gravy!
Click HERE to find out more and look at all the glamorous photos.

May 31st – June 2nd: Great American Pitch Fest
PRIORITY: HIGH – a staple.
Year after year, the GAPF has grown and that is because it is a truly great event, with a highly organized pitch fest, great classes and networking opportunities. I give this event a very high Effing Score and strongly recommend it.
Click HERE for tickets and information.


1st June – 15th, July: Raise Your Odds Quick Coverage available ONLY during this window of time.
15th: Just Effing Entertain Me Screenwriting Competition Mid-Point Deadline
PRIORITY: HIGH – duh, what else would I say?


15th: The Beginning of the end. From July 15th to August 15th is the FINAL month in 2013 you can submit to the 2013 Just Effing Entertain Me Screenwriting Competition.


1st of August to September 4th: American Zoetrope Screenwriting Competition
PRIORITY: Why not? It’s Frances Ford Coppola and the Grand Prize is $5,000!
Click HERE for rules, FAQ, details, etc.

15th: Last day to submit to the 2013 Just Effing Entertain Me Competition. Deadline: Midnight, August 15th, PST.


Raindance Film Festival
PRIORITY: If you live in the UK, this event is a MUST. Great elbow rubbing and classes.
Click HERE for exact dates.

4th: Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year)*
13th: Yom Kippur (Jewish Day of Atonement)*

*A fair number of people in Hollywood (including me) observe these holidays; it’s respectful to be informed of a holiday – especially one that means some will not be doing business during this time. Email, phone or query with these holidays in mind.

9th-18th: Toronto Film Festival
Click HERE for deadlines


25th – 27th: London Screenwriter’s Festival
PRIORITY: HIGH – if you live in the UK, this is a very fun and inclusive event with TERRIFIC speakers* and a very nice setting plus a pitch fest run by Bob and Signe of the renowned GAPF.
Click HERE for more information.
*I’ll be teaching at the LSF in 2013, for the 2nd year!

27th – 29th: Screenwriter’s World Conference WEST
PRIORITY: Jury is still out on this very new event, which was populated thinly in 2012 but that could be because it’s new. Sponsored by The Writer’s Store, which is a great resource.
Click HERE for more information.

24th – 31st: Austin Film Festival/Screenwriting Competition
PRIORITY: Used to be Gravy, becoming a staple. In other words, if you treat yourself to one film festival/event a year, Austin should be it. GREAT networking, great crowd and speakers, good vibe, growing reputation (not that they need it).
Click HERE for ticket information and competition deadlines


6th – 13: AFM: The American Film Market
If you are an independent filmmaker or producer, the AFM is a really fascinating way to dive right into the world of film distribution and sales. Fun networking, a lot of celebrity sightings and a great experience.
Click HERE for more information.
PRIORITY: HIGH – if you live in LA or surrounds.


Dates TBA: The Page International Screenwriting Competition
PRIORITY: This is an excellent competition. Make a point of it!
Click HERE for more information and updates.

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