Character Arc Exercise

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Here is a quick exercise I give to my clients and workshop attendees that I thought you might enjoy.

Write a 50 word paragraph (short, I know, but that’s screenwriting, get used to it!) about how and who your main character is on page one of your script.

Then write a 50 word paragraph describing your main character on the last page of the script.

You should see a big difference. Your character starts as one person and changes into a new person in the end. One who is now happier, more fulfilled, more relaxed and less flawed than they were before.

Tip: write the paragraph quickly, just let it flow. Do not labor over it, just let the writing come through you. When you read both paragraphs back to back, do you notice that there has been a huge shift in your character? You just outlined the beginning and end of his or her arc The script is the journey in-between.

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