One Scene, One Page, Three Keyword March Competition

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Congratulations to Eric Troyer, for his very chilling, very winning entry, A Pretty Warm Ride! Eric used the February keywords: Candy Cold Primrose and has received a $25 gift certificate and free entry to the 2013 Just Effing Entertain Me Screenwriting Competition. Eric had this to say about winning: “I love the whole idea of this contest, so just being able to enter is prize in itself. To win, well, that’s just awesome!” I am, as always, just amazed at the wide variety of entries using the same keywords. You writers are amazing.

The One Scene, One Page Keyword Competition for March, 2013 features the keywords:

Irish Imp Emerald

ADDED PRIZE from now until June 15th: Each month’s winner will also receive a FREE ENTRY to The Just Effing Screenwriting Competition in addition to the $25 cash prize!

General Guidelines
Write a (strictly enforced) ONE page scene, using the three keywords, entertainingly and in context.

Title your submission (hint: clever titles are appreciated).

All genres are welcome.

Do not include your personal details on your PDF submission.

Cleverness Guidelines
Make the keywords count – make them pivotal and entertaining to the story, in other words. Of course it is weird and hard to combine three such disparate words. That is the point!

-Don’t simply list the words, as if you taking an inventory.
-Do try to tie the words together in a clever way.
-Do know that you are up against some very talented entrants – so raise the bar!

Remember – this is Just Effing Entertain Me – the cleverest, most entertaining writer will win. It’s that simple.

Have a look at what is in my opinion, the best One Scene, One Page, Three Keyword winner ever – written by our own Jared Kelly. The keywords were: Plum, Sweater, Volcano.

March 25th, 11:59PM, PST. The winner will be announced on March 27th, 2013.

The winner will receive a FREE entry fee to The Just Effing Entertain Me Screenwriting Competition* AND a $25 gift certificate.

*until June 15th

Last Month’s Winner Eric Troyer, wrote the chilling A Pretty Warm Ride using February’s keywords: Candy Cold Primrose. Congratulations to Eric and to all entrants for such a spectacular variety of creativity!

How to Submit
Simply click on the Paypal button below to submit the $5.00 entry fee then email your entry, as a PDF, with ONE SCENE in the subject line.. It’s that simple.

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