Do Not Compare Yourself Unto Others

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Argh. Yet again, you see on your Facebook page, a status update in which some writer says they finished a draft and are starting a new script! Or they are making SUCH headway on their novel! Or they won ANOTHER competition!

And a feeling of jealousy and helplessness sweeps over you. How do they DO it? They must be independently wealthy, you think. Must. Be. Nice.

I am speaking, actually, of my own experiences with those feelings. Just today I saw a status update to the effect of a writer having finished a project and making headway on another one. And all of the above feelings swept over me. I feel like I barely get everything done on a good day – and then there is my writing.

I am writing a book, you see – a memoir about moving from Los Angeles to the Middle East. I’m really excited about it. Except I almost never get the time to write. Not the way other people appear to get the time they need.

But do they? Do you really know for a fact that some other writer has some kind of magical situation in which they can write all the time and you can’t? No, you do not know that. In fact, in a recent blog post right here, I interviewed four writers about their writing (and living) routines and the main take away was that they ALL struggle with organized chaos and self doubt.

Keep your feelings of frustration in check by not deciding that other writers must have it very easy but that you do not. Embrace your style. My book is indeed coming together – not as fast as I would like, not in as organized a manner as I would like – but it is. In my own way, in my own time, I do work on the book.

And I promise you that in upcoming months I will post something like “Done with the manuscript!” and others will think oh how nice for her! She must be independently wealthy! But nope, you know and I know that is not the case.

Don’t compare yourself to others; do your level best, embrace your style and simply do not quit trying. Yes, Virginia, there are other writers who have more time, more money and more latitude than you do.

So what. :)

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