500 Word Essay Competition

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Essays are one of the most powerful forms of writing in the world, with the power to persuade, convince or outrage. Whether you realize it or not, you read essays almost daily. Most bloggers are in essence essayists. Essays can be short or they can be long, depending on the subject matter, the publication or website they appear on and the intended audience.

Screenwriter Scott Rosenberg (Con Air, Gone in Sixty Seconds) once wrote an essay, just after 9/11, that was so emotionally pitch perfect and gorgeous that I wept.

Essay writing is alive and well as a respected and powerful medium. Check out This I Believe, a wonderful website for essays. Click this link to read what is considered the most famous admission essay ever and discover a very witty piece of writing. The Best American Essays is a great publication that I have read for many years.

Whether you are a screenwriter, novelist or blogger (which is, in essence, essay writing), striking out and trying a new form of writing is excellent for your writing muscles.

What can you do with only 500 words? How would you like to give that a try right here on Just Effing Entertain Me?

Click here to read the best 500 word essays submitted in 2010, when we last had this wonderful writing exercise.


500 words on any topic, in essay form. With a beginning, a middle and an end.

Change us, teach us, shine a light on a moment that we may never have experienced personally.

I will post the top three essays for all to read and explain why the top essay won.

Just effing entertain us. Or touch us. Or make us angry and yearn for change. Remember, this is a non-fiction essay.

The 500 word count will be strictly enforced. Please proofread carefully and make sure your word count is exactly 500 words.

Wednesday, May 8th, by 12am PST.

Submit HERE and please write 500 WORDS in the subject line. The last time we did this in 2010, I received an overwhelming number of submissions so give me a few days to find the top three.

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