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Thank you everybody for your patience while waiting to see what the top 500 word essays would be, here on Just Effing Entertain Me. A huge number of essays were submitted and it took some time to read through them. I think there was some confusion as to whether the essays had to be exactly 500 words, or no more than 500 words, or whether the titles counted so I’m going to take one for the team for perhaps not being clear.

That said, here are the top three 500 word essays and why they won:

PTA by Susan Krawitz: because it was layered and slightly subversive, because she paid off the set up in the end. Because it was relatable and funny and bittersweet.

Dreams Can Come True by Tammy Olsen: because it was heartfelt and it moved me. Because Tammy had a formative moment at the movies that have fueled her career and self-acceptance ever since.

A Moment to Rewind by Angela Wallis (member of the Tel Aviv Writer’s Salon): because the piece is written with humility, with charm and universality. Who does not have a moment similar to this that they wish they could rewind?

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