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We had such fun with our 500 word essay competition in May that I thought we’d try a new one this month.

This time it’s different. We’re going to use a writing prompt.

Here is the prompt:

If I Could Rewind One Moment in My Life…

Why might you want to rewind a moment? To make a different choice? For a do over? Or to simply relish a moment again? To change history? There can be as many answers and reflections on this prompt as there are writers who go for it. Be clever, be engaging, be universal and move us.

RULES: The completed essays must be EXACTLY 500 words, excluding the title. Not over. Not under. 500 words. Strictly enforced. Get a word count.

DEADLINE: July 17th, 2013, 11:59am PST.

PRIZE: The top three essays will be featured here on Just Effing Entertain Me.

SUBMIT Submit your essay HERE.

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