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Cathy Rubey

Monday, May 31st, 20102010-06-01T01:42:04Zl, F jS, Y

“Julie is smart, articulate, and has a good feel for the industry – what succeeds or fails, what producers are looking for.”

Cathy Rubey, producer

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J.P. Smith

Monday, May 31st, 20102010-06-01T01:41:06Zl, F jS, Y

“I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Julie’s wisdom and good judgment. She’s brilliant at finding the weaknesses of your script as well as in pointing out its strengths, so that you walk away fully empowered to write an exceptional next draft. I can think of no better (or more tactful) person if you’re looking for an honest assessment of your work.”

J.P. Smith, screenwriter and author of The Discovery of Light and Breathless.

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Stephanie Palmer

Monday, May 31st, 20102010-06-01T01:40:44Zl, F jS, Y

“Julie is talented, compassionate and professional. She has an experienced and thoughtful perspective, which is much needed in this business.”

Stephanie Palmer, Good in a Room (

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Theresa Cullen

Monday, May 31st, 20102010-06-01T01:39:14Zl, F jS, Y

“I wouldn’t dream of letting a script leave my hands without checking it out through Julie and The Script Department. Her invaluable insights into what an executive will say about a script are remarkably accurate. Julie’s blog, The Rouge Wave, is hilarious, inspiring and full of so much good information that she really ought to charge admission. Julie has a quick mind and is terrific at brainstorming ideas – clearly, the kid loves a good story, well told. I can’t think of a more delightful, cheerful, and brilliant person to help any writer achieve their writing goals.”

Theresa Cullen, screenwriter, CATS DON’T DANCE and SHREK THE HALLS

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Christopher Keane

Monday, May 31st, 20102010-06-01T01:38:43Zl, F jS, Y

“There’s nobody like Julie Gray. She’s got it all. She’s got allure, she’s got brains, she’s got enormous passion for what she does, and she cares about and nurtures writers like nobody I’ve ever seen. She’s a force of nature, and I for one am fortunate to have been able to work with her.”

Christopher Keane, writer of studio pictures, TV series and 14 books, including Romancing the A-List: How to Write The Script the Big Stars Want to Make and How to Write A Selling Screenplay.

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Patricia Sorge

Monday, May 31st, 20102010-06-01T01:37:37Zl, F jS, Y

“Dear Julie, had it not been for your generous help and expert analysis I KNOW my script would not have made it this far in the competition. You really forced me (in a good way) to see my story from a new perspective, along with helping me understand how much of an overhaul it needed. I think you wrote a blog post about it on The Rouge Wave and also told me specifically to quit tweaking, too! I can’t thank you enough.”

Patricia Sorge, semifinalist, 2008 Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition

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Blake Snyder

Monday, May 31st, 20102010-06-01T01:36:14Zl, F jS, Y

“Julie Gray is hardworking, smart, kind, energetic, and generous, and I love everything she and her co-sponsors at The Script Department are doing to empower writers! Bravo, Julie!”

Blake Snyder, author of Save the Cat!

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Richard Turgeon

Monday, May 31st, 20102010-06-01T01:35:46Zl, F jS, Y

I became acquainted with Julie through the strength of her writing on her blog. In a world glutted with screenwriting gurus, Julie’s exceptional passion for and knowledge of screenwriting and movies in general stands out. Having taken her classes, I can also say that she’s a generous, gifted teacher and facilitator who knows how to balance that with the necessary emphasis on discipline, craft and the business side. She knows how to clearly communicate screenwriting fundamentals without killing inspiration, and more importantly, she knows how to connect and inspire as a person. I highly recommend her instruction to writers at every level.

Richard Turgeon, screenwriter and author of Indie Rock

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Steve Z.

Monday, May 31st, 20102010-06-01T01:35:11Zl, F jS, Y

Julie Gray is more astute more, thorough and more generous than any screenwriting coach I have ever worked with. Profound depth of knowledge and insight and really knows how to give your material and your skill set what it needs to be truly great. Her coaching is worth every penny.

Steve Z

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Kim Nunley

Monday, May 31st, 20102010-06-01T01:34:44Zl, F jS, Y

Julie not only understands storytelling and what a script must possess in order to be produced, but she also exhibits the perfect combination of hard love, which will constantly push you to become better while at the same time making you believe that you really can become a quality writer.

Kim Nunley

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