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ePublishing: I am Not Myself

Tuesday, July 26th, 20112011-07-26T22:33:51Zl, F jS, Y

Well, I’ve done it. I published an Ebook.

I am Not Myself: A Year Grieving Suicide is available today on Barnes and Nobles, Amazon and Smashwords. The book, as you know, is about the terrible, sudden loss of my brother Pete, in May 2010, to suicide. So it wasn’t very easy to write. But getting it published has been surprisingly easy.

I used a wonderful service called 52 Novels to edit and format the writing. Amy sent me all the proper files and instructions and I uploaded the book to the various distributors above myself.

I am proud to see my writing out to such a large number of people. I hope that the book comforts those who have also lost someone to suicide, but at least as importantly, that it helps those who are worried about loved ones suffering from depression and anxiety. If you fear that your friend, lover, family member or co-worker just might do the unthinkable – you should read this book to and with them. It only takes a moment to end a life, but the emotional wreckage left behind lasts forever.

Glenn Close founded a wonderful organization called Bring Change 2 Mind about helping remove the stigma from mental illness. It is an organization that I plan to be very involved with. Please support them and spread the word of their beautiful PSA (directed by Ron Howard) by clicking the link above.